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A Club For Collectors Of Vintage Postcards

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Our Next Meeting
Monday, July 15 – 7:00 PM Eastern

Postcards, Pulitzers, Easter Hares & Teddy Bears – A trip down the rabbit hole to find Master Jack Berryman

Presentation by Anne Ross


Our Last Meeting
Monday, May 13 – 7:00 PM Eastern

Ghost Towns of Canada
Presentation by Jeri Danyleyko



Our April Meeting
Monday, April 8 – 7:00 PM Eastern

Real Photo Postcards of New York State
Presentation by Kevin Hughes, The Postcard Guy



View Recordings Of Past Meetings

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Homage to the Wonder City – Detroit Postcards of NYC. – Video

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Who Killed Hugo Tuck? – Video

Reseeing Linen Postcards – Video

McDonald’s Postcards – Video

How to Sell Your Postcards – Video

Cement and Concrete on Postcards – Video

Curt Teich Postcards and Factory Representative G.I. Pitchford – Video

Japanese Attack On San Francisco – Video

Factories That Printed Postcards – Video

People In The Workplace – Video

Newberry Library – Curt Teich Collection – Video

New York State Carousels – Video

Public Transportation in New York City – Video

Real Photo Postcards – Video

Mark Jones Talks About Postcards – Video

Postcards Between Two Lovers – Video



About Postcard Collecting

Collecting vintage postcards is an enjoyable hobby. In incorporates history, photography, different methods of printing and production. The mjority of postcards collected are from the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Postacrds were very popular in those years and most families had postcard albums in their homes to showcase the postcards people sent them in the mail.

The Golden Age of Postcards was from 1907-1915.

What do people collect? People collect postcards of the following categories:


Specific Cities, states and counties


World’s Fairs


Valentine’s Day






Covered Bridges



Main Street Views



Government Buildings

Real Photo Postcards by local photographers



Famous People


And there are many more categories.

Collectors typically  buy postcards from postcard dealers at postcard shows and online from eBay and other websites. Prices range anywhere from 25 cents to $50 and more. A wide variety of postcards are readily available for less than $10 each.

Many cities have local postcard clubs and many of these clubs host annual postcard shows with multiple dealers selling thousands of postcards.

There are many books about postcards and collecting postcards. One excellent book is Postcard America by Jeffrey Miekle.